Your sign is your handshake with the world.

A sign is your larger-than-life introduction to your prospects and customers — reflecting your brand and quality, your personality and promise, and ultimately, your value. Throughout this guide you’ll experience a host of solutions designed to inspire the way you want to be seen. But this is only a starting point to help you explore the possibilities of design, materials, colors, size, lighting, impact and more — creating a dimensional sign expression that conveys the essence of your brand and makes your business or facility stand out among others.

Nothing communicates quality, strength and sophistication like handcrafted metal letters, logos and plaques. The classic and enduring look of bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, or other alloys can be created to deliver a timeless signature of extraordinary style.

High-performance plastic letters and logos deliver infinite design possibilities at an economical price. Choose from many standard pigmented colors, plus paint colors matched to your exact requirements. Plastic sign media offers excellent durability, weather resistance, dimensional versatility and nearly unlimited scale to satisfy any design vision.

Architectural plaques help convey a sense of integrity, permanence and architectural depth. You’ll often see plaques used for commemoration, in government or university settings, as well as for way finding and even branding when a more formal image is needed.