Custom t-shirts with your design

Screen Printed shirts is an inexpensive way to print t-shirts for staff, events, charity fun runs, reunions and more. T-shirts keep your brand name out in the public at a lower cost than embroidery.

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T-Shirt Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a traditional ink-based printing method, which uses a photosensitive process to create an image of your artwork on a mesh screen. The screen allows ink to pass through and onto the garment when pressure is applied by a squeegee moving across the screen. The image left on the garment is that of the artwork. Screen printing is made up of each colour in the artwork applied individually, so multi-colour designs can take some time to set up.

T Shirt Vinyl Printing or Heat Press

Vinyl printing uses a heat sensitive vinyl which is printed with your image and cut out on a plotter to re-create your artwork or text. The vinyl is then weeded away from the roll to leave behind the image, name or jersey number be applied. This is then applied to the garment via a heat press which applies heat and pressure to bind the vinyl to the garment. Vinyl printing is good for small runs from around 1 – 10 items. All individual names are put through this method and are regularly produced via this process.