Lamination of Digital Prints


Laminating your printed pieces, either posters, vinyl or even brochures and handouts helps keep these pieces lasting longer. Instead of the printed surface being in direct contact with the elements a clear or frosted lamination is applied which helps protect and prolong your piece. The lamination becomes the outside layer that comes in contact with the elements or environment and that takes the punishment and keeps your pieces lasting longer. In terms of appearance and protection, this finishing process can increase visual appeal and longevity of the job, complementing existing print technologies and associated inks and materials.

Lam Films(w)

Your image is sealed between one or two layers of a clear protective film. This film helps protect against water, handling, UV exposure and can even make your printed piece more ridged.

The thin film of lamination takes the brunt of the elements protecting the think ink layer that is on the paper or vinyl.  This way you can clean and wash or wipe down your posters if something gets on them.  Without lamination the ink layer is exposed to the elements and you can not clean it with out damaging the ink layer.

Lamination is in expensive way to help prolong the life of a printed piece or poster, especially in a rough environment.  Wether you need just 1 piece or thousands of pieces laminated we have the equipment to handle it.

  • Enhanced Effects: The newest development in overlaminate films are special effect films that add a visual element to the print. A Metallic enhancer is one such product. It’s a clear overlaminate with a metal flake finish that adds a metallic element to the laminated image.
  • Frosted films add a touch of sandblasted look while still letting light pass.
  • Metalized and Holographic Metalized films have a reflective surface. Holographic films incorporate multidimensional optical devices that are applied between the thermal laminate material and adhesive coating.
  • Dry Erase Films  can be used for dry erase applications where good writability is required but can be left on for 30 days without ghosting after erasure.
  • Glare can be reduced on posters and displays when used in areas with lots of light
  • Floor Displays are laminated to add a non-skid surface and protect the image from extreme traffic
  • Textured Coverings add a unique feel and touch to your wall covering