Advertising on a dime

Differentiate yourself from competitors with this full-color display engineered to reach the pedestrian and city traffic front door audience. Display text, graphics, logos and basic animation in 68 billion eye-catching colors.

Message centers can help increase your sales and traffic, just think of all the people who drive by your business and the unlimited messages they can see each day. You will be able to communicate with your customer and potential customers as well. Using LED technology these displays are energy efficient and long lasting. Using your computer you can change out your messages any time, or schedule your messages to target your audience at particular times or for events.

We proudly use Daktronics Electronic Message Centers as we’ve found their performance proven and reliable. We’ve been installing them for over 15 years.

The Galaxy displays feature effective text messages or graphic images in 68 billion colors. Choose from a variety of pixel pitches depending on the amount of detail desired and various viewing angles to meet different targeted audience distances.


  • 68 billion colors +
  • 140 degrees by 70 degrees viewing angle
  • Available in large variety of sizes
  • High contrast for richer colors
  • Filtered ventilation for component longevity
  • Easy-to-use control software