LED Signs are one of the most cost effective advertising options available

Differentiate yourself from competitors with this full-color display engineered to reach the pedestrian and city traffic front door audience. Display text, graphics, logos and basic animation in 68 billion eye-catching colors.

Message centers can help increase your sales and traffic, just think of all the people who drive by your business and the unlimited messages they can see each day. You will be able to communicate with your customer and potential customers as well. Using LED technology these displays are energy efficient and long lasting. Using your computer you can change out your messages any time, or schedule your messages to target your audience at particular times or for events.

We proudly use Daktronics Electronic Message Centers as we’ve found their performance proven and reliable. We’ve been installing them for over 15 years.

The Galaxy displays feature effective text messages or graphic images in 68 billion colors. Choose from a variety of pixel pitches depending on the amount of detail desired and various viewing angles to meet different targeted audience distances.

How can a digital display sell more vehicles?

  • Promote leasing options
  • Target specific demographics
  • Advertise existing demographics
  • Promote community announcements
  • Build brand and customer recognition
  • Display your dealership’s website
  • Advertise congratulatory shout-outs to new vehicle buyers
  • Showcase high-quality images or vehicles or manufacture’s videos clips

Retain Customers and Increase Foot Traffic

Customers are visiting your branches less and less frequently. With online banking and mobile applications, most banking services can be completed without a visit to your branch. As a result, when customers do visit, there is a limited opportunity to promote your products and services. Outdoor LED signs and indoor digital signage are proven ways to connect with customers to both inform and entertain.

Use your display to:

  1. Make an emotional connection with your customers
    • Post pertinent messages about life’s milestones – graduation, marriage and retirement
    • Wish customers happy birthday
    • Invite visitors to start savings or retirement plans
  2. Show basic information
    • Tell guests about free coffee and donuts inside
    • Run basic information, such as open hours
    • Promote your products and services, free checking, financial planners and in-house seminars
    • Publish interest, bond rates, and market data
  3. Share how you’re different
    • Promote your differentiators, such as customer service, customer accessibility or financial offerings
    • Communicate the charities you support, special events and no-fee ATM
    • Run a community section with a list of local events

Promote products and reinforce your brand.

Retailers across the country attract attention and increase customer traffic with fresh messages, images and color. Instantly update your messages from inside while improving your location’s appearance outside.

How can you use LED displays?

  • Attract attention
  • Greet your community
  • Target impulse shoppers
  • Improve curb appeal
  • Advertise new and existing products
  • Promote rates and specials
  • Display help-wanted messages
  • Promote sales events and amenities
  • Build brand and customer recognition