Digital? Print Signage?

InfoTrends reports that digital signage can increase brand awareness by 47.7%, and boost average purchase amount by nearly 30%. It can also improve the customer experience and even increase sales and loyalty. But how does it do that? Let’s break it down.

Digital Signage vs. Print Signage

The concern that digital signage could rapidly replace printed signage is understandable.
Messages on digital displays can be modified based on the time of day or the demographic profile of the viewer. A specific call to action can be designed for the specific
demographics that would likely be viewing the signs. Printed signage and graphics cannot
provide that kind of dynamic messaging. Nevertheless, digital and printed signs have
their place, and the execution of each technology requires a specific skill set.
Because digital signage remains a more expensive up-front investment, it generally
remains out of reach for smaller brands. Printed signage is more cost-effective for an
initial investment, but printed signage still runs the risk of falling victim to human error.
For example, suppose a retail chain distributes printed signage to its stores every month.
It would then fall on the employees to switch out promotional material in a timely
fashion. If this proves difficult, digital signage may be more manageable.


Most often, signage should prioritize simple. One message, one focus. Microsoft’s 2015 Attention Spans report is famous for putting the average human attention span at only eight seconds – one second less than a goldfish. While you should probably take that with a grain of salt, the point stands: the modern world, and signage in particular, is a glance medium. If you’re too busy, people move on– you got an impression, but didn’t make an impact.

The beauty of signage is that it gives consumers a better advertising experience– one that is interesting, entertaining and engaging. So long as you don’t forget those principles, and put the consumer experience front and center, every business can benefit from investment in signage.