Permanence and Beauty

The permanence of cast bronze or aluminum, combined with design versatility, make cast plaques an excellent choice for signage, memorial and recognition projects. True sand casting naturally features the attributes of the metal and conveys a feeling of quality and tradition.

When you need to Recognize an individual, capture a historical footnote, or dedicate a building elegantly and permanently, a cast metal plaque is a classical and beautiful way to do it. Choose the Best from an Industry Leader. Our Lifetime Guaranteed Cast Metal indoor/outdoor plaques and signs are made with Bronze or Aluminum and offer a variety of Borders, Background Textures, Background Colors, Finishes, and Mounting Options. Custom Shapes are available and priced by the square inch. We can turn your 2D artwork into a stunning plaque that will last a lifetime. This means that should your plaque ever fade (Excluding Patina Finishes) or contain any defects, we will refinish or replace the defective material at no cost to you, as long as the plaque is installed in its original location.