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Creative Services 

ABC offers all of your graphic design needs, from typesetting forms, brochures and catalogs to designing your company’s identity. We cover it all!

Our graphic designers will be happy to update, enhance, or totally re-design your current look. If you already have a logo, we can design your company’s business cards, stationery, brochures, ads, or even a menu for your restaurant.
Sending files to us couldn’t be any easier. With the use of e-mail and the web, files can be emailed in no time, and if they are too big to e‑mail, you can use our web site that is easy to use in uploading your larger files 24/7.
If you need good high resolution photos for your job, we can do an on-site photo shoot of your product utilizing advanced digital photo equipment. This will ensure the highest quality images for your job. We can then manipulate the photos for your use, such as creating photo knock-outs, use in web sites, or anything else.

ABC Printing & Signs understands the importance of a seamless company identity: from Logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures and more. We can take your ideas and turn them into a reality.

Your corporate identity is more than just your logo applied to a product or piece of paper. The idea integrates the look and feel of design and communication along with your business behavior. Companies of all sizes invest a great deal of energy in their identities since the look of their logo or brand reflects on what that company is.

We have the experience and creative tallent to help you design a look and feel your company wants. With that look and feel we can also produce the stationary to back up that image, help choose the right promotional items, help get your brand out there.


photo studioIf you need a photo of one of your newest products and need it fast but need it to look good, don’t take out your camera phone, call us!  ABC Printing & Graphics has been doing photography for over 20 years. You can bring us what you need shot or we can set up our photo studio on location or in your warehouse to capture the items you need.  Contact us with your photo shoot needs and we’ll get you set up. Once your have your pictures we can also do photo manipulation and touch up.  Have your old photos clean and restored to look sharp.


Artwork FAQ

Have a question on artwork? Want to know some of the lingo? We’ll help demystify some of the printing processes.

What size bleed is required for my artwork?

We require a minimum of 1/8″ (.125″) on all four sides of your art to ensure accurate cutting. If your images has a white border on all four sides its not necessary to have a bleed.  If you have a questions please contact us and we will be glad to help.

What files do you accept?

We take a lot of different file formats but the one we like the most is a print ready PDF.

Our software capabilities include the Adobe Creative Design Suite, including Illusitrator, Photoshop, InDesign. We can open EPS, AI, PSD, INDD, PS, PDF, TIF, JPG. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Corel Draw are limited and not recommended. Please contact us if you are using one of these programs so we can make sure the file will translate correctly.  We encourage you to supply a print ready PDF to ensure text flow, graphics and page layout are not changed or reflow. Many times these other formats can have missing fonts, graphics or change the flow of the copy. Additional prepress charges will apply to files that are not prepared correctly.

What does 1/0, 4/0, 4/4 mean?

These number tell you the number of colors being used on the front/back of the sheet being printed. 1 = one color or black, 4 = full color, 0 = no printing.

This means that 4/4 would be full color on the front and back, 4/0 would be full color on one side only. 2/0 would be just 2 colors on the front side.

Whats the resolution needed for my job?

Resolution is important as it dictates how clear your image will look once its printed. Images from the internet can be low quality and not print very good. Just because it looks good on the screen doesn’t mean it will print the same.  300 DPI is the optimum resolution of a graphic at its final size, this gives an image the best look when its printed on paper. Lower than this and its starts to become fuzzy, higher than this it just makes the file size much larger to work with and there isn’t much noticible difference from a 300 dpi graphic.

Banners and Posters are a different category all together, if you made a banner with 300 DPI graphics it would be HUGE, so for these types of files it is best for the final resolution to be about 100 dpi. That is because these items are going to be viewed from a distance and the resolution won’t be noticed when viewed from farther away.  If you have questions on this just give us a call and we will be happy to help you with your project.